Andy Ray Haverda

Young rock ‘n’ roll singer and pianist Andy Ray Haverda from Bratislava has found his way to music at the early age of seven years when his father bought him a mini piano in former Tuzex. He had his podium debut already a year later, as interpret of Russian national songs. But when his father got an Elvis Presley’s disc for him in the second half of the 1980s, the switch on his way to play and sing rock ‘n’ roll was definitely made for autodidact Andy Ray. Soon he became acquainted also with recordings of famous American singer and pianist Jerry Lee Lewis, which became his biggest model and when he founded his first group Little Flame in 1991, he already had a number of his compositions in repertoire.


Four years later he made contact with a pathfinder of rock ‘n’ roll in Slovakia, with singer and guitarist Vasko Velčický, who introduced him to the stage and with which Andy Ray made dozens of common performances during years of collaboration. Due to predatory techniques of piano playing and compelling performance he was given a nickname „Slovak Jerry Lee Lewis“. Currently he performs as a guest of Rock Circus group of Miro Dvorský. Besides clubs and coffee houses it is possible to see and listen to him on various festivals. For example lately he offered a spellbinding show in Skalica during the festival Hudba v meste (Music in the city), where he appeared together with „twin souls“ from the fantastic rock ‘n’ roll formation Hot Chickens from France.