Since its creation (2007), The Blue Time Band from Žilina represents the traditional approach to original blues and blues-rock oldies hits of late decades of the last century, which is served with hot heart on a sleeve. Its repertoire includes about 80 gems made by such giants of blues and rock music as Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, BB King, J.J. Cale, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Miles, Peter Green, The Cream, Willie Dixon, Jimmie Cox, as well as The Rolling Stones, The Deep Purple, The Thin Lizzy, Bruce Springsteen, AC / DC, The Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin as well as Czech rock-music stars as for example Vladimir Mišík, Petr Kalandra, Žlutý pes and Olympic or Katapult.

The band is led by a self-tought guitarist, singer and harmonica player Vlado Trefný. Another singer – Braňo Hornung, plays accompanying guitars, harmonica, occasional keyboards and percussion. A bass guitar is operated by Juraj “Dubák” Dubovec, an experienced bass guitar player, active in several Žilina’s music ensembles. On drums we have Mr. Roman “Foxo” Liška, who more and more appears as a talented, expressive singer – to considerable pleasure of all present, including members of the band.

The Blues-Time is playing 100% live, honest, so to speak „hand-made“ music. This was the case for example with the very successful opening blues festival Blues Night Žilina 2014. This performance was one of the highlights of our last year season, during which the band played several gigs on stages in Žilina region, on the “Cultural Summer” and similar events. The Blues-Time is not dedicated only to “stage” concerts, but with our play-list we can seamlessly handle 4-5 hour club program or house party, provided that the company will not insist on so-called folk (folklore) music.