Slovakblues-AssociationSlovakblues is civil association. Our main goal is to promote Blues music and collaborate with bands, clubs, festivals and organizers working in the Blues scene. We arrange every year Slovakian Blues Callenge, Slovak Blues Top Galaconcert, administrate information portal and aimed at everyone interested in Blues music and its events in Slovakia & Czech Republic. We have own Blues broadcasts in Slovak Radio Devin and Czech Radio Proglas.

We are  not booking agency and please don´t contact us to find gigs for you.

However ! Are you musician and going to play in Slovakia (or Czech)? Do you like to propagate your music in Slovakia? We are here to help you with promo? Please feel free to contact us at anytime!

Lubos Bena (speaks English)
Predmestie 125
90901 Skalica
Mob. 00421 944 203 705

For any request send a mail to