Grief in the Resophonic Blues Word

On Thursday, 19 February 2015 in Prague, Amistar Guitar founder Ing. Frantisek Javurek passed away after a severe illness. The music world lost in his person not only an excellent musician, playing the mandolin but especially a designer and one of the largest manufacturers of metal and wood resophophonic guitars in Europe. He lost a courageous fight with cancer.

As it was in his nature, he did not give up and fought until the end and even in December he talked about new plans and new models of guitars. Ironically, he died the day when the Czech Television brought a short documentary The Czech Dobros “Česká Dobra” about him and his guitar. It was actually our last meeting with him. Yet while “Franta”, as we all called him, creator of Resophonic guitars that will speak for him and bring joy to musicians and audiences worldwide.

See dokument about resophonic guitars here:


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