Peter “Bonzo” Radvanyi

Peter „Bonzo“ Radványi is the veteran of the Slovak music scene, singer, resophonic guitar player and journalist has started his music career in the sixties as the frontman of The Breakers and The Meditating Four bands. He spent the next two decades as a professional musician playing with various dance bands across Europe. When he returned back to his home town Trnava in the 90-ties he focused mainly on the blues music. Bonzo became the frontman of The Blues Mother-in-Law band with which he made a lot of gigs and took part at various festivals in Slovakia and abroad.

He played at the Blues Bash festival and in clubs in Taiwan in 2006. Bonzo was voted the „Bluesman of the Year“ in 1996 and together with The Blues Mother-in-Law he was awarded the „Annual Price“ of the Slovak Blues Society for recording the first ever concert CD in the history of the Slovak blues in 1998. On top of that, Bonzo was co-founder, Executive Director and dramaturg of the International music festival Dobrofest – Trnava (1992-2008). Besides, he participated in the establishment of the Slovak Blues Society and worked as a music editor in a couple of Slovak radio stations. At present he is the author and speaker of regular weekly music sessions „Bluesnenie“ and „Big Beat“ on the Slovak radio station Devin.