Zuzana Suchankova


Bratislava, Slovakia born vocalist, guitarist and composer Zuzana Suchankova lives currently in Bratislava. In the 90s, after leaving private studies, she started to perform in various soul,  blues,  jazz and fusion formations. Besides countless recordings at Slovak Radio, she participated in many blues, soul, jazz festivals around Slovakia and other countries nearby.

Zuzana Suchankova is a singer and guitar player, whose repertoire consists of  blues, soul, jazz, folk and original songs. She is consided part of the absolute top on the Slovak music scene. Her velvet coloured voice, marvellous feeling for this music, and ability to sing and playing guitar mixes very well. Her presentations are always moving and you feel like you are sailing in her soul. Not everyone can offer this kind of music and what is really important for it – the soul.

After her extended private lessons, endless gigs with blues bands, soul, jazz, groups, concerts, shows and hotel club work in and around Vienna, Zuzana has become the leading blues, jazz, soul vocalist, here in Bratislava and around formal Czechoslovakia. That deserves wider recognition. She shared the stage with various famous artist from Slovakia, Europe, USA like: Karen Caroll(USA), Gwyn Ashton(Australia),Peter Rowan(USA), Sean Carney(USA), Amelia Ray(USA), Maria José Estivariz(ESP) and others.

Her recordings Spiritual Way, are an example of not only her great talent, but also of her dedication to the spirit and joy of the finest music, blues, spirituals, soul and jazz. Zuzana is gratefully keeping her itinerary full with club dates, concerts and private parties. The winter 2010 saw the release of Suchankova’s new studio album entitled Bluzy & Songy. The album features half and half reinterpratation of the famous blues songs and original tunes of Zuzana Suchankova with slovak lyrics in blues, soul style.

In December 2010 was album „Blúzy & Songy“ nominated by Slovak Blues organization ( Member of The Blues Foundation in Memphis,USA ) between the best albums in the world in category „self produced.“ The members of jury were famous american blues musicians, personalities from media & press. Album  „Bluzy & Songy“ advanced to 2 nd. round and  achieved big success. The place between 6. – 22. albums in the world.  Nevertheless there were only two Europian groups there in the last round of the competition. In the year 2010 Zuzana became the best blues artist in Slovakia, she became „The Bluesman“ ( Blueswoman) of the year. In the year 2011 she became the best Blues Singer in Slovakia also in 2012, 2013. In february 2014 was released album Čajka (Seagull) with original songs in Slovak language. Zuzana composed all songs and lyrics. Also she recorded all guitar parts. Songs are very music coloured, full of melodic ideas, velvet vocals, acoustic instruments and fusion of music styles as folk, blues, jazz. Zuzana composed songs without musical prejudice, free … as art should be.